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Tablet Eyeball by FurubaFanatic1
Tablet Eyeball
Was hanging out with my art buddy and I finally got myself to actually try to do some stuff. At first it was just to practice with the blending but then I ended up just making a eye. I had no idea what I was really doing. I just used what knowledge I had of values and how I would normally draw an eye and just did it. I surprised myself, and I know it doesn't look all that great or anything but lately i've been doing more art and it's been fun. Doing this was fun as well, so i'm going to keep trying to practice with it and I might post some of it if I remember. I figured since I was going to art college I should practice more since I've only really used my tablet a handful of times productively like this. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like it! :)
My Galaxy Nails! by FurubaFanatic1
My Galaxy Nails!
This was my first try at galaxy nails. I finally got around to doing it after getting the certain sparkle nail polish I wanted. Which is in fact my favorite glittery nail polish probably ever. It's Fairy Dust by China Glaze if anyone was curious. As always, I'm sorry for the bad picture, I just like to show people my nails ^v^
Water Bottle by FurubaFanatic1
Water Bottle
Drew this one night, not the best but I think it's acceptable for now. I can already see things that need to be fixed. I'm very much a perfectionist if you couldn't tell lol. Anyways, I tried to challenge myself and use darker values because i've been told many times that I have a light hand and to darken my values at times so this is what came out of it. Thanks for viewing my art :)
Some eye practice by FurubaFanatic1
Some eye practice
I rather like drawing eyes lately so you might be seeing some more, who knows. This was drawn from a picture i found on the internet, it doesn't look exactly like it though I don't think. I needed to get different angles on eyes so I tried this one out. Somewhat recently i've been accepted into the Art Institute so if I don't have more art on here soon then you all should just virtually slap me xD Thanks to anyone who are my watchers and any others who just like my art. People on here are so nice and fun to talk to honestly :) Oh, and i'm a bit late but Happy New Year as well! Byeee ^v^
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Hiiii! Happy New Year! This year I need to really get into art and draw something pretty much everyday. Drawing hasn't been something I have been doing for a long time and I want to be an animator. I have a tablet but never use it and it's really sad. It's a Bamboo tablet and was like $200. I don't feel like I have a good coloring program that came with it and I have always wanted the SAI program because everyone uses it and it looks awesome! Plus, there are a bunch of tutorials that can really help me start out well. Only, I have a Mac computer. I know I need Windows, but which one should I use? My tablet comes with pen pressure so I hope it still allows for that. Bottom line is, I could really use help figuring out the best, most easy, not too expensive way to download SAI on my Mac computer please. Thank-you very much for taking your time to read this and help me if you can :) It means a lot! Byeee!


United States

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